Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot Species Bird

Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot
Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot

Description of the Double-Headed Amazon Parrot

This medium-sized (double yellow-headed Amazon parrot) break with the long name makes it one of the most popular pet breeds in the Amazon Cohort Group, due to its attractive colors and its unsurpassed mimicry ability. Pippa also learned to imitate the opera-speaking double of the Amazon, which may have been kept as a pet since 1500. It is the best imitation of all the amazon ceremony and its ability to learn the phrase and the phrase to the African gray couple.

Common names

Double yellow-shaped Amazon parapets are more easily known as yellow-lighted reversible plates or yellow spirits Amazon.000000

Scientific name

Amazon Oratrics is the leading name for the Brazilian double-bronzed Amazon parapet.

Origin and History

Native to Mexico and Central and South America, the parrot’s natural habitat is wood near forests and water. Heavy captures for the destruction of habitat and pet trade have corrected the numbers in the Amazon Wild in the wild over the severe double yellow head; There will be only a few thousand wild birds.

This parrot is listed as an endangered species by the IUCN and international treaties currently make it possible to capture, export or own wild-caught birds. Captive-born birds can be legally sold and owned, though documentation is required.

A few generations of double-braided Amazon parrots live in different locations, including Stuttgart, Germany, and several locations in southern California.


It reaches maturity, while the double-braided Amazon usually fits from a wheel of 15 to 17 inches to its feather cap, making it one of the larger dresses.

Average lifespan

Double yellow adapted Amazons can be over 60 years old, making them a long companion.

Some birds have been known to live under ideal conditions for 80 years or more.

The mood

When you eat your hands and feet at an early age, these birds can be comfortable pets. They have intelligent and extraordinary “speaking” abilities, and they love to be the center of attention. However, the problem can occur when an owner is reluctant or unable to meet the needs of the parent.

Like many parts, double yellow-faced Amazons can go through a hormone bluffing phase as they reach sexual maturity. They can become aggressive and at this stage, people are molested and bitten. If you are prepared for bluffing behavior. which can last for a few months (and sometimes up to two years). then double yellow-headed Islam may be a good option for you. But if your young children are interacting with birds, it may be best to select different species.

Bond trends with a designated family member on Double Bronzed Amazon; If this is not acceptable, make sure that multiple family members handle the bird regularly, especially when it is young. Bonding with one person hand-fed to all family members will only reduce Bird’s tendency.

It is a noisy, fluttering bird, prone to screaming twice in the morning, morning and evening.

This is normal behavior for this species. But recreation can be a problem when the birds scream all day, which can happen when the bird is bored due to lack of attention.

Double yellow-headed Amazon colors and markings

As its name suggests, this bird has a yellow head; The rest of his body is green on the familiar side. There is a white ring around the eyes and the barrel is horn-colored. In the young birds, the head has some dark gray color, but gradually the head suddenly turns yellow with yellow color. In young birds, there are small areas of red on the shoulders. The full adult head color does not appear until the bird is at least 6 years of age, and the proportion of birds gradually increases as the bird ages.

Caring for the double yellow-headed Amazon parrot

If you are interested in grabbing a double-braided Amazon, contact a local bird breeder to see if you can schedule a tour with them and their birds.

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to find a healthy double yellow-headed Amazon at most pet stores. If the bird is able to know a little before you bring it home, you’ll gain a little insight into whether it will be a good fit for your lifestyle.

The leading Amazon of Double-Poo is an athletic bird that likes to roam around its given area and fly if it has enough space. It is a powerful bird that can be destructive; The cage material should be made of solid steel. Give your bird the largest cage that is real, and fill it with toys. At a minimum, a cage should have a 34-inch square and a sports gym. Equip the cage with perches of different dimensions.

These items made of toys, which are made of wood, leather, and acrylic, can be destroyed so be sure to provide these birds that they can be happily separated. Without enough toys to steal, this bird can set its sights on furniture and other accessories. Challenging toys for these birds are a must: a boring double yellow-headed silk will quickly turn into a destructive one.

All Amazon parrots provide social interaction, and they need to stay healthy and happy. Birds that are neglected can be destructive and depressing, which can manifest themselves in various physical and mental problems. To establish and maintain healthy bonds, you should set aside time each day for one-on-one interactions. Double-braided Amazon is capable of learning many words and phrases and is notable for learning songs, especially opera.

These parrots should be rained regularly to ensure skin and feather health.

Double yellow-headed Amazon parrots feeding

Like all Amazonian Parts, a Double Bra-Dimension requires a high-quality poultry diet that is a daily supplement of seed mixes and fresh bird-safe fruits and vegetables. A varied diet will help ensure that your bird gets the nutrition it needs.

Ensure that a bird fed high in vitamin A is important, as it is at risk for this bird deficiency.

Calcium is also important for W-Pole-induced Amazon breakdown.


Amazon is prone to extra weight gain in sex, so it is important that they are approved for daily exercise. To properly take care of a double-braided Amazon parrot, you should be able to reduce it 3 to 4 hours out of its cage every day. Like any species, regular exercise burns extra calories and stretches muscles; It provides the necessary emotional stimulation.

General health problems

All the Amazon parathas are at risk of becoming overly fed and exercising very little.

A double yellow-headed Amazon parrot is also prone to polyomavirus. which can lead to anorexia and weight loss; Chlamydiosis, which causes fluffed feathers and nasal discharge; And vitamin A deficiency.

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