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Toucan Bird

Show any little one a photograph of a fowl with a very giant beak, and they’re going to inform you that it is a toucan! Perhaps probably the most well-known tropical fowl, the toucan bird is a logo of playfulness and intelligence that has been used fairly efficiently by advertisers and enterprise homeowners. There are a number of species of birds within the toucan household, some with names like aracari or toucanet, however, all of them sport that enormous, comical invoice. (toucan bird)

Why does the toucan have a invoice that may be 4 occasions the dimensions of its head and almost so long as the remainder of its physique? Some say that the big and brightly coloured invoice is used to draw potential mates. Others recommend it’s helpful in scaring away predators or animals which may compete with the toucan for meals. Still others consider it’s an adaptation that permits the toucan to succeed in meals manner out on the ends of branches that aren’t sturdy sufficient to carry the fowl itself. Toucans are identified to succeed in deep into tree cavities to seize eggs from different birds or to dig deeply into their very own nesting cavities to clear them out, and pairs have been seen tossing fruit to 1 one other in a courtship ritual. No matter what function you determine on, the toucan’s invoice is a really great tool!

Their well-known invoice is of sunshine, however stout, building and is hole apart from a community of bony fibers that run crisscross by way of the highest for energy and help. It is product of keratin, the identical factor our hair and fingernails are product of. Having such a light-weight invoice permits the toucan to perch on the thinnest of branches to succeed in for the ripest of fruit!


The phrase “toucan bird” comes from the sound the fowl makes. Their songs usually resemble croaking frogs. Toucans mix their intensive vocal calls with tapping and clattering sounds from their invoice. Many toucan species make barking, croaking, and growling sounds and mountain toucans make braying seems like these of a donkey. Females typically have a better voice than males.

Although toucan bird and woodpeckers might not appear to be they have a lot in widespread, they’re in the identical taxonomic order (Piciformes) and have so much in widespread. Like woodpeckers—and the parrots and macaws they share the forest with—toucans are zygodactylous, that means they’ve two toes pointing ahead and two pointing backward. This foot design gives energy and stability when transferring by way of dense branches, up and down tree trunks, or out and in of tree cavities.

Both toucan bird and woodpeckers have a tongue that’s lengthy, slim, and feather-like. Bristles alongside either side of the tongue assist the birds’ catch and style meals earlier than transferring it down the throat. In addition, toucans and woodpeckers have quick, stiff tail feathers, referred to as rectrices, and nest in tree cavities. Both toucans and woodpeckers are typically principally shiny black, however, they’re adorned with vivid whites, yellows, oranges, reds, and greens, relying on the species.


How do they match?! Toucan bird spend their lives excessive within the rain forest canopies of Central and South America; they seldom make journeys to the forest ground. Home for the toucan is a nest in a hollowed-out tree cavity. It may appear odd {that a} fowl with such a big invoice would select a small, enclosed area through which to nest, however, the toucan and has an attention-grabbing strategy to getting comfy. Once settled in its cozy nook, the toucan bird turns its head backward and settles its invoice down upon its again, tucked beneath a wing. It then flips its tail straight up and over its head. Violà! A pleasant, tidy ball of feathers.

They are primarily frugivores and customarily begin their day with early morning visits to fruiting timber of their dwelling space earlier than making longer journeys looking for new fruit websites. Toucan bird are identified to catch bugs, dine on a tree frog or lizard, and even catch fish! They additionally steal eggs from different fowl species’ nests.

The giant invoice has serrated, or toothed, edges that assist the fowl catch, grasp, and even pores and skin no matter it is likely to be having for lunch. Once a full stomach is achieved, toucans might playfully spar with one another whereas the fruit digests earlier than returning to their dwelling roosting tree for the night time.

The toucan bird on the San Diego Zoo are fed pellets made for softbills and parrots, quite a lot of fruit and greens, and crickets. Grapes and bananas are used for coaching rewards.


Noisy and social, toucan bird journey in free flocks of as much as 22 people. Although most toucans stay in teams, it’s believed that they’re monogamous, at the very least through the breeding season and whereas rearing younger. Breeding happens through the spring. Then, the feminine lays one to 5 shiny white eggs deep in a tree cavity; each the female and male incubate the eggs for 15 to 18 days, relying on the species.

The chicks hatch with closed eyes and naked pores and skin, fully depending on their mother and father for survival. By three weeks of age, their eyes open and feathers start to seem. They keep within the nest for six to eight weeks, rising and growing the big invoice they’re identified for earlier than they fledge.

Life shouldn’t be all fruit and play for toucan bird. Predators to be careful of embrace forest eagles, hawks, and owls; boas, jaguars, and margays usually invade toucan nests. Their monumental invoice is ineffective in defending towards predators and, the truth is, attracts people to catch them for pet commerce. To shield themselves, they rely on their loud voices to scare off enemies and alert different toucan bird to the hazard. They may strike their invoice towards a department in a defensive show.


The San Diego Zoo’s first toucan bird was a keel-billed toucan obtained within the early 1920s; in 1931, we acquired Ariel toucans and several other toucanets. To preserve the heat within the winter months, these birds had been moved contained in the Zoo’s reptile home.

The following story about our early toucans appeared in our member journal, ZOONOOZ, in 1937:

“In the parrot cage group, we have a trio of toucan bird which have lived out of doors now for four winters and hold their own in a cage of seven fine Eclectus parrots…. Sitting near the cage on a park bench you will undoubtedly hear the croaking of a small tree frog. We often hear visitors speak of it, but do not be fooled. That is no frog but the three toucans conversing in the tongue of their native land.”

Today, the Zoo is dwelling to plate-billed mountain toucans and inexperienced aracaris, dwelling close to our hummingbird aviary, and crimson-rumped toucanets, curl-crested aracaris, and ivory-billed aracaris, all dwelling in our Parker Aviary.

The Zoo additionally has a toucan bird ambassador. Rico is a toco toucan bird educated to fulfill with visitors up shut throughout exhibits on the Zoo’s entrance plaza and at different animal-presentation areas. With his jet-black physique and good orange invoice, Rico all the time attracts a crowd of admirers. Hand-raised, his trainers describe Rico as fairly a personality who may be very comfy round folks, interested by no matter is occurring around him, and keen to take a look at any new object. He is educated to fly throughout a stage and land on a visitor’s outstretched arm. Perhaps in your subsequent go to the Zoo, you’ll be able to meet this good-looking toucan bird up shut!


The largest risk to toucan bird proper now could be habitat loss. As the rain forests are being minimized right down to make manner for roads, farms, and buildings, all the animals that stay there are shedding their houses. The yellow-browed toucanet has a really small vary in Peru. Coca growers have taken over its forest-dwelling, making this toucan bird species the one one to be listed as endangered, however many others have gotten threatened.

Toucan bird are nonetheless hunted in components of Central America and the Amazon area. Hunters usually mimic toucan calls to attract the birds shut. Many toucans are captured for the pet commerce or to be used as stuffed trophies to hold on a wall.


Up to 18 years in zoos; unknown within the wild


Number of eggs laid: 1 to five, relying on species
Incubation interval: 15 to 18 days
Age of maturity: Three to four years


Height: Largest – toco toucan bird Ramphastos toco, as much as 24 inches (61 centimeters); smallest – tawny-tufted toucanet Selenidera nattereri, 12.5 inches (61 centimeters)
Weight: Heaviest – toco toucan, as much as 1.9 kilos (860 grams); lightest – lettered aracari Pteroglossus inscriptions, 3.four ounces (95 grams)


While usually in comparison with hornbills, toucan bird has shut kinfolk of the woodpecker.
Mountain toucans stay at a lot increased elevations than different toucan species, as much as 11,900 toes (3,600 meters) within the Andes Mountains.
Toucan bird is necessary for rain forest well being and variety. These birds go seeds from the fruit they eat by way of their digestive methods, which helps replant the vegetation.